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7 Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes 

25 Jan

7 Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes 

Are you aware of the fact that in the year 2018 only, there were reported cases of more than 15,200 injuries and 3,655 casualties due to fires? Each and every one of us must feel extremely concerned about these statistical figures as we all are liable in some way or the other. Installing fire alarm systems and ensuring they work efficiently are steps in the right direction to keep everyone and everything around you safe. 

If you wish to stay safe and keep others safe too, then you must go through the following article to identify the 7 commonest errors normally made by us, humans during fire alarm installation and ensure sound fire sprinkler system maintenance. 

1. Setting False Alarms 

Fire alarms are meant for life-saving. However, they can be bothersome too if they are repeatedly setting off false alarms. False alarms can compel people to believe that there is no danger even when there is actually a real threat.

To avoid false alarms, fire alarm installation should not be anywhere close to the doors and ducts. Breezes or winds are often the causes of false alarms. 

2. Installing Close to the Kitchen 

There are specific locations for alarms that have significance for accurate installation. You must have to keep your fire alarm away from any kitchen area as it could backfire otherwise.

Fire alarm sensors might get triggered if they are close to appliances such as burners and ovens. A fire alarm must ideally be installed around 20 feet away to prevent the combustion of particles.  

3. Not Interconnecting Alarms 

Irrespective of the types of alarms you employ, they have to remain interconnected. Smoke alarms work together as a collaboration to protect everything around you. It hardly matters where the fire is, but the system provided by any of the authentic fire sprinkler system services can alert you.

If one fire alarm emits sound, they should all sound. This is particularly important if you have a comparatively large property. In the event of fire alarm installation, see that all alarms are interconnected to ensure maximum protection. 

4. Installing A Single Fire Alarm Type 

As there are various types of fire alarms, they can trace multiple fires. For example, ionization alarms can observe real flames while photoelectric alarms can react to smoldering fires. To ensure that you and your surroundings are as safe as possible, you should install both kinds of fire alarms. Dual-sensor alarms are available too that are compatible with both alarm types. 

5. Neglecting to Test the Alarm 

Fire alarm batteries can be problematic. You may assume that they are perfect even if they are not. This is why it is necessary to test the alarm post-installation. The maintenance doesn’t stop after testing it the first time. Fire alarm maintenance necessitates testing your alarm at least once a month. Almost every six months, the batteries must be replaced.

Though this is not applicable with newer alarms that already have long-lasting battery lives. Your fire alarm will ideally notify you if the battery requires replacement. A chirping alarm suggests that you need to replace the battery as early as possible. 

6. Improper Installation 

A fire alarm installation should be done perfectly. It can be accompanied by some challenges like selecting the right rooms and deciding if any drilling has to be done.

It is always suggested to read the instructions before installation or take the help of an expert. These alarms must be positioned a minimum of 10 centimeters away from the wall. 

7. Ignoring Future Requirements 

It is indeed impossible to predict what the future has in store for us. However, you are not in a position to cite such an excuse when it is related to your alarm system. Presently, if you’re not on fiber, you may switch in the near future. So, you must ensure that your alarm system is capable and can connect to work on fiber and copper at present. Few systems are exclusively copper, so you don’t need one of those.

At present, you may feel at ease, while using a keypad to operate your alarm. But, in the future, a time will come when you’ll feel more comfortable doing everything on your phone, including controlling the alarm system. Even if you don’t own a literal smartphone now, you will possibly do so within the next couple of years. If you purchase an alarm system for connecting to a smartphone, then it is undeniably a smart investment. 

Also, you may not have pets at present, but contemplating adopting one in the future. Incorporating pet sensors with the actual install is merely a fraction of the price compared to retrofitting them later on. A time has to come in the future when you’ll wish your alarm system to be monitored. Confirm whether the alarm system has monitoring capability. 

Current Scenario 

Nowadays, fire alarm installation has been made easier if you refrain from committing these common mistakes. For keeping everyone as safe as possible, alarms must be installed the correct way. If you require quick and reliable service to keep your surroundings safe, contact any of the best fire alarm companies in California today. 

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