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Top 6 Fire Pump Installation Mistakes That Should Be Avoided 

09 Feb

Top 6 Fire Pump Installation Mistakes That Should Be Avoided 

A lot of casualties due to fire take place because of the various fire pump installation mistakes made. Nothing is more precious than any life. Every life is precious and none of us have any right to endanger the lives of others due to our sheer negligence. Additionally, a fire could be dangerous for our properties too. It is our hard-earned money by which we all purchase properties and other assets. None of us wish to see them getting engulfed due to a fire outbreak. 

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that in the year 2018 only, there were reported instances of above 15,200 injuries and 3,655 casualties in the United States because of fires. All of us need to feel concerned regarding these facts and figures as we all are responsible in some way or the other. That is the reason why you have to ensure that you install such fire alarm systems in California that have the repute and track record of functioning efficiently. It’ll be a positive step in the right direction to guarantee the safety of everyone and everything around you. 

Remember, the objective of this write-up is not to intimidate you but to educate you to follow the right steps so that you are fully aware of the 6 commonest errors committed during any fire alarm installation and ensure regular fire pump testing. 

1. Installing Near the Cooking Area 

    There are certain locations for alarms that are important for a proper installation. You have to confirm that the fire alarm is installed nowhere near the close vicinity of any kitchen area as the consequences could be extremely dangerous.

    Fire alarm sensors might be activated if they are nearer the appliances like ovens and burners. The thumb rule is that any fire alarm should be installed at least 20 feet away to avoid the combustion of particles. 

    2. Putting False Alarms 

      The main purpose of installing fire alarms is to save lives. But they can be a matter of concern as well if they are regularly setting off false alarms. False alarms can deceive people into believing that there is no threat to their lives even if there is a real danger.

      We all know the story of the shepherd who used to cry wolf. Hope you do not wish to be victimized like the shepherd! To prevent false alarms, fire alarm installation should not be anywhere near the ducts and the doors. Often, winds and breezes trigger false alarms. 

      3. Installing A Single Type of Fire Alarm 

        Several types of alarms can trace various types of fires. We can cite the example of photoelectric alarms that can react to smoldering fires, whereas ionization alarms can detect real flames. To guarantee maximum safety for yourself as well as your surroundings, you need to install both types of fire alarms. Also, there are dual-sensor alarms that are available and are compatible with both alarm types. 

        4. Failure to Interconnect Alarms 

          It hardly matters what types of alarms you install. They must stay interconnected. Smoke alarms collaborate to secure everything and everyone around you. Irrespective of where the fire is, the system provided by the best fire pump systems service in California can alert you. As one fire alarm emits sound, all of them should sound. This is extremely crucial if you own a very large property. During the fire alarm installation, you need to verify that all alarms are interconnected to confirm maximum protection. 

          5. Not Testing the Alarm Regularly 

            Fire alarm batteries could be a bit tricky. They may appear to be perfect even if they are not. This is the reason why it becomes mandatory to test the alarm after its successful installation. Once you test it for the first time, the maintenance doesn’t there. Proper fire alarm maintenance mandates testing your alarm at least once a month. You have to get the batteries replaced after every six months. However, this practice does not apply to newer alarms as they already have long-lasting battery lives. Your fire alarm will usually alert you if the battery needs replacement. A chirping alarm implies that you have to change the battery as soon as possible. 

            6. Inaccurate Installation 

              A fire alarm installation must be done with utmost perfection. You need to select the right rooms and decide whether any drilling needs to be done. You must always go through the instructions before installation or take the help of an expert professional. These alarms must be installed at a minimum distance of 10 centimeters away from the wall. 


              Presently, fire alarm installation has become more effortless and convenient if you avoid making the above-mentioned common mistakes. To keep everyone as safe as possible, alarms should be installed the proper way. Whenever you need quick and trustworthy service to keep yourself and your surroundings safe, get in touch with any leading fire pump testing service in California today. 

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