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BEC’s Comprehensive Fire Alarm System Services

At BEC, we provide an integrated approach to fire alarm system services, ensuring excellence from the initial bid to post-construction support. Our dedicated team offers a seamless process that guarantees safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. Discover why BEC is your trusted partner for fire alarm systems:

Fire Alarm
In-House Estimating Team:

Our skilled estimators track and manage each project from inception to the final bid day, ensuring a thorough and precise proposal.

Fire Alarm
Collaborative Project Review:

Once a project is awarded, our multidisciplinary team—including operations, design, and accounting—conducts a detailed review. We discuss the project scope and proactively address any potential issues to streamline success.

Fire Alarm
Diligent Compliance Oversight:

Throughout the project, our compliance team ensures all necessary paperwork is handled efficiently. We maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders to keep everyone in the project’s good graces.

Fire Alarm
Advanced Design Solutions:

Our design team uses cutting-edge tools like Procore and bespoke in-house tracking solutions to maintain clear communication between the field and the office, preventing common construction disconnects.

Fire Alarm
Proactive Project Management:

Our project managers ensure that local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) demands are met without compromise to the project’s requirements. We strive to keep systems compliant with the latest codes, helping our customers finish projects on time and under budget.

Fire Alarm
Consultative Approach:

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, working closely with clients to prevent cost overruns and ensure project success.

Fire Alarm
Post-Construction Support:

Our service department stands ready to assist building owners post-construction. We offer a comprehensive range of services including central station monitoring, annual and Regulation No. 4 fire alarm testing, preventative maintenance, asset management, and repairs.

With BEC, rest assured that your fire alarm systems are managed by experts dedicated to ensuring safety and efficiency at every project stage.

About Us

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Building Electronic Controls, Inc. is a leading Union life safety systems integrator, providing solutions for Fire Life Safety, ERRCS, Firefighter Surveillance, Two-Way Intercom/Area of Rescue systems in the Southern California and Central California areas. We specialize in providing commercial solutions for various markets, including Airports, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Malls, Defense, Entertainment, and the Motion Picture Industry.

Save time, Save money, With Quality Service, from Building Electronic Controls.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to create raving fans out of our customers to retain and grow relationships.

  • Company Goal

    Be the best Life Safety Systems Integrator.

  • Construction Goal:

    Make it easy for customers to complete projects correctly while maintaining milestones.

  • Service Goal:

    Make it easy for customers to use BEC to maintain code compliance.

  • Employee Goal:

    Make it easy for employees to help customers meet their goals.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Available 24/7 to assist you with all of your Low Voltage needs.

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