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Getting Preventative Maintenance On Your Systems Is Quick And Easy. Complete Our Service Request Form!

If you need a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, simply complete our Service Request Form. Our streamlined process ensures that your request is handled swiftly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians are equipped to perform preventative maintenance to keep your systems in top condition. We specialize in maintaining Fire Alarms, ERRCS/DAS, Area of Rescue, and Fire Fighter Surveillance systems within the greater Los Angeles, greater Orange County, Central Valley, and greater Sacramento areas of California.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

A preventative maintenance program is both a smart and invaluable investment for any customer dedicated to ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of their life safety systems. At BEC, we support preventative maintenance for fire alarms, ERRCS, area of rescue systems, and more. By joining our program, you’ll enjoy significant discounts on rates and materials, making it a cost-effective choice. Our enhanced level of service ensures that any potential issues are swiftly and effectively addressed, providing you with peace of mind. Each location is assigned a dedicated account manager, guaranteeing personalized service and tailored solutions. We understand that every site has unique needs, so we offer flexible maintenance frequencies such as daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly options to fit your specific requirements. This proactive approach not only helps prevent system failures but also ensures the continuous protection of life and property. Most customers experience better service while spending less, thanks to a proactive rather than reactive approach.

Preventative Maintenance

Our technicians are trained to provide NFPA compliant preventative maintenance for your fire alarm system, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with all regulations. BEC offers various Fire Alarm preventative maintenance packages for every building type.

Preventative Maintenance

We specialize in preventative maintenance of Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), ensuring clear and reliable communication for emergency responders.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team can provide preventative maintenance of Two-Way Intercom/Area of Rescue systems, ensuring that these critical communication points are always operational in case of an emergency.

Preventative Maintenance

We provide comprehensive preventative maintenance services for Firefighter Surveillance systems, helping you maintain a high level of safety and preparedness.

Investing in a preventative maintenance program with BEC is the best decision you can make for the safety and reliability of your life safety systems. Don’t wait for problems to arise—be proactive and enjoy the benefits of enhanced service, significant discounts, and peace of mind. In addition to preventative maintenance, BEC also offers central station monitoring, annual testing, and repair services for fire alarms, ERRCS, area of rescue systems, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how our tailored maintenance programs can fit your specific needs and ensure the continuous protection of your property and the people within it. Let BEC be your trusted partner in maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability.

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Building Electronic Controls, Inc. is a leading Union life safety systems integrator, providing solutions for Fire Life Safety, ERRCS, Firefighter Surveillance, Two-Way Intercom/Area of Rescue systems in the Southern California and Central California areas. We specialize in providing commercial solutions for various markets, including Airports, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Malls, Defense, Entertainment, and the Motion Picture Industry.

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