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Getting Annual Testing For Your Building Is Quick And Easy. Complete Our Service Request Form!

Ensuring your building or site is compliant with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) contact BEC. We make it easy and affordable to comply with Testing and Recertification. Simply complete our Service Request Form, and our Technicians will test, repair, and certify your building or site. Let us take the hassle and headaches out of code Testing and Certification to keep your building or site in top condition.

What is Annual Testing?

Annual testing is a critical process that ensures the safety and compliance of your building’s fire alarm and emergency systems. Conducted once a year, this comprehensive inspection evaluates the performance and functionality of all fire safety equipment, including alarms, emergency lighting, and communication systems. By identifying and addressing any potential issues or defects, annual testing helps maintain optimal system performance, ensures adherence to regulatory standards such as those set by the NFPA, and provides peace of mind that your building’s safety systems are ready to protect occupants in the event of an emergency.


BEC is certified by the state of California to provide annual fire alarm testing. We offer comprehensive testing using NFPA-compliant test reports, ensuring your fire alarm system meets all regulatory standards. Trust BEC to keep your fire alarm systems in top condition with minimal hassle.


BEC specializes in testing Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements and provide reliable communication for first responders. Trust BEC for expert ERRCS testing that guarantees compliance and enhances safety for emergency situations.


BEC is Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) certified to perform standardized testing of a building's fire safety systems.


BEC partners with industry-leading experts to cover all your building’s needs. No matter what systems you require, our trusted partners ensure comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With BEC and our extensive network, you can be confident that your building’s safety and operational systems are in the best hands.

About Us

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Building Electronic Controls, Inc. is a leading Union life safety systems integrator, providing solutions for Fire Life Safety, ERRCS, Firefighter Surveillance, Two-Way Intercom/Area of Rescue systems in the Southern California and Central California areas. We specialize in providing commercial solutions for various markets, including Airports, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Malls, Defense, Entertainment, and the Motion Picture Industry.

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