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BEC’s Advanced Firefighter Surveillance Systems

BEC is a leader in the design and installation of advanced Firefighter Surveillance Systems, essential for enhancing the safety of high-rise and complex buildings during fire events. Our state-of-the-art systems provide real-time visual assistance to firefighting teams, ensuring efficient navigation and response. Learn how BEC sets the standard in fire safety technologies:

Firefighter Surveillance
Specialized Surveillance Systems:

BEC installs closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems specifically for firefighting use. These systems are typically employed in buildings as an alternative to installing helipads, offering a crucial visual aid during emergencies.

Firefighter Surveillance
Strategic Camera Placement:

Each system features cameras strategically located in the elevator service lobbies of each floor. This setup ensures that firefighters have a clear view of critical areas within the building at all times.

Firefighter Surveillance
Clear Floor Identification:

To aid in quick orientation, each camera view includes distinguishable floor numbering, either through visible signage within the camera’s field of view or through fixed text encoded onto the screen.

Firefighter Surveillance
Managed Network Infrastructure:

At BEC, we have developed a robust managed network that serves as the backbone for our Firefighter Surveillance Systems. This innovative approach ensures easy maintenance and high reliability of the system.

Firefighter Surveillance
Optimized System Performance:

BEC’s systems are designed to handle large-scale deployments effortlessly. Our installations can support systems with over 100 cameras, providing seamless, synchronized views across all feeds without any display issues. This capability is critical for first responders who rely on these systems for a comprehensive overview during emergencies.

Firefighter Surveillance
Experience Across Major Cities:

With extensive experience installing these systems in major cities like LA City and Long Beach City, BEC understands local compliance and operational requirements, ensuring that all installations meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Firefighter Surveillance
Integration with Other Safety Systems:

BEC’s Firefighter Surveillance Systems can be integrated with Fire Alarm systems, providing a comprehensive safety solution that enhances building security and emergency responsiveness.

Trust BEC for your Firefighter Surveillance System needs and benefit from our expertise in providing cutting-edge, reliable safety solutions that protect buildings and their occupants during critical times.

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Building Electronic Controls, Inc. is a leading Union life safety systems integrator, providing solutions for Fire Life Safety, ERRCS, Firefighter Surveillance, Two-Way Intercom/Area of Rescue systems in the Southern California and Central California areas. We specialize in providing commercial solutions for various markets, including Airports, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Malls, Defense, Entertainment, and the Motion Picture Industry.

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